Let’s Grow Together

When you invest in one of our programs, we gift a scholarship to a rising leader to grow themselves, their family, and their community.

Take a Program. Gift a Scholarship.


At The Four Cups, we have a passion for creating collaborations and for cultivating leadership and entrepreneurship in ways that meet the needs of today’s world. A mission that is very close to our heart is serving leaders in communities we believe will benefit most. Our goal is to walk beside the leaders who are raising their community and bring the knowledge and tools to advance their progress. We believe it is key to “Think Globally, Act Locally” to support local champions and leadership groups to drive sustainable strategies that honor tradition, serve communities, and perpetuate effective context-specific solutions that elevate THEIR capabilities. 

When you invest in one of our programs, we gift a scholarship to a rising leader or entrepreneur.



Optimize Time, Talent, and Resources to take individual and team Performance to the NEXT LEVEL.


Strategies to build a sustainable future that increases Cash Flow, Maximize Investments, and Grow Profit.


Facilitate Meaningful Change that Serves your Organization, Clients, Communities, and the World.

We Came Together


Last year, we sponsored LIVE events on the topics of radical compassion” and “liberate. heal. create.” in order to raise awareness and raise funds to educate 500 children in one Tibetan village. Very few Tibetan children have access to the most basic education, and we are proud to have provided them with this life changing opportunity.


In 2019, with your help, we will provide this to a second Tibetan village. When you invest in yourself through our programs and services, we invest in you and global education.


All Programs Support Glocal Education

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