Illuminate a Path to a New World of Growth

Immediate Results with Maximum Impact

At the Four Cups, we work with business owners, CEO’s, and their teams to create synergistic alignment between their companies goals and the individuals who work within their organization. This creates a “culture of high-performance” that inspires engagement, innovation, self management, and trackable performance metrics.

Our strategies, models, and approach deliver IMMEDIATE results that perpetuate SUSTAINABLE growth and impact for our clients. We have tried, tested, and proven, over 50 strategic approaches and models that power companies to do things like make the Inc 500 “Fastest Growing” list, 5 years IN A ROW; double, triple, and quadruple their revenue; all while serving their teams, communities, and the world.

We are a network of experts with diverse experience dedicated to delivering high-level strategies that are optimized to take you, your team, and your organization to your next level — whether your goal is immediate results or long-term, sustainable growth —  we have the tools and expertise to customize solutions that can help you meet your goals, faster and more efficiently.

Request a complimentary 30-minute Evaluation today. Let’s explore how we can serve you in achieving a “new world” of growth and impact.

The Four Cups turns macro strategies into actionable steps to handle the day to day challenges
of a growing enterprise. They integrate with your company in such a way that they feel
like a part of the team. When you partner with The Four Cups, you are partnering with an
organization that seeks not only to build your business, but your life as a whole. 

Bo Menkiti

Founder and CEO, Menkiti Group, Washington, DC

Gain a 360° Strategic View and Direction

Our approach and models provide a CADENCE for you, your team, and your organization to keep pace with the dynamic world in which we live, and the fluidity to operate ON THE LEADING EDGE of change.

We take an integral look at all aspects of your organization and its moving parts, balancing critical components of operations with a focus on people, profit, performance, and purpose. We work with you and your team to identify performance indicators of what is and isn’t working, drill down to the cause, or
create solutions on how to affect change.

Let Us Help You Set Your Course
for a New World of Growth

We have the collective expertise and experience to deliver results that:  

  • Define the roles and responsibilities within your organization, effectively aligning how team members lead and innovate, to play to win. 
  • Elevate your teams’ ability to perform at their peak, prioritizing and course correcting to meet and exceed objectives.
  • Evaluate the impact of  each team members’ work on revenue generation, expenses, and profitability. 
  • Synchronize all aspects of your company and client experiences to optimize engagement of your products and services.

We do this to ensure your company’s and team mission, vision, and values create a positive impact in the world. We walk aside you, guiding the creation of high-level strategies that establish you and your company as leader in your industry. We customize tactical actions that generate immediate results, as a foundation to perpetuate models and systems that produce long-term, sustainable growth.

Request a complimentary 30-minute Evaluation today. Let’s explore how we can serve you in achieving a “new world” of growth and impact. 

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